• Turning on the Smart Lights of Innovation

    February 01, 2018: At the Cisco Toronto Innovation Center, we’re always looking to the future, including how the Internet of Things (IoT) is transforming virtually every industry. We see this firsthand as our Center provides a “home” for Cisco Canada to partner with customers, academia, and start-ups. Together, teams rely on our Toronto Center, and other Innovation Centers around the world, to co-develop scalable solutions with significant business outcomes they can take to a broader global market. Sometimes we get really excited about new technologies we find, especially when we have the ability to partner with great companies, doing disruptive things. This is exactly what we saw in Deltavation, maker of the first power-over-Ethernet (PoE) and color tunable tube lamps in the world.

    We often come across some compelling or disruptive technologies that require us to examine how we can integrate new solutions into our existing offerings. Customers are looking for new business outcomes and often these solutions do just that. When we came across Deltavation, we knew that this was going to be a fantastic opportunity. Deltavation offers a compelling replacement solution for the more than 60 billion fluorescent lamps operating in office buildings and industrial settings around the world today.

    The solution we’re developing with Deltavation combines an advanced PoE LED lamp that uses patented technology from Deltavation along with Cisco’s Catalyst Digital Building Switch, IoT Intelligence Platform and Smart Lighting Platform. The solution aims to deliver a better experience to building occupants by providing a more advanced lighting device that embeds new capabilities for the occupant, but also drives cost savings for business and property owners.

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  • Lighting Standards Introduce Lamp Base and Holder for Tubular LEDs

    February 10, 2017: ROSSLYN, Va.—Today, ANSI Accredited Standards Committee C81 revised two standards for the lighting industry: ANSI C81.61-2017 American National Standard for Electric Lamp Bases—Specifications for Bases (Caps) for Electric Lamps and ANSI C81.62-2017 American National Standard for Electric Lampholders, as announced by the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA). These standards present specifications for lamp bases and holders, and now include G6.6 designations.

    Mike May, CEO of Deltavation and ASC C81 committee member, explained the significance of the G6.6 design. "The tubular LED (T-LED) industry has a new connector system designed to mechanically hold and power T-LED lamps across a wide range of voltages. These revisions include the T-LED Snap-Fit design (G6.6 designation)—a base with two internal power pins and an additional ground pin that mates to an accompanying lamp holder."

    May explained that the Snap-Fit system provides differentiation between fluorescent and LED lighting. "This is a departure from the legacy external bi-pin system used for fluorescent tube lamps," said May. "These standards now provide the marketplace with a base and lamp holder specifically designed for the T-LED industry."

    NEMA's Lighting Systems Division, as the secretariat of ANSI's ASC C81 for Bases, Lampholders & Gauges, is looking for industry experts in the User, General Interest, and Producer categories to participate in standards development activities. Contact NEMA at if you are interested. Please indicate your interest category and your area of expertise.

    ANSI C81.61-2017 is available in hard copy or as an electronic download for $517 on the NEMA website.

    ANSI C81.62-2017 is available in hard copy or as an electronic download for $380 on the NEMA website.


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