About Us

DELTAVATION (A DVA Holdings LLC company) was launched to develop and provide solutions addressing critical needs for the most widely purchased and used form of lighting in the lighting industry. With an estimated 15 billion 2’ and 4‘ existing fluorescent lamps currently in use globally, the market needs must be met with high quality and performance. Deltavation’s Founder and CEO, Mike May, leads the company’s innovation and product commercialization road map.

Deltavation’s technology and intellectual property protection is in three categories:

  • Deltavation AC LED lamps (T8, T5 and G24 formats), with internal driver
  • Deltavation Snap-Fit power connection system (AC and PoE formats)
  • Deltavation PoE driven tunable LED T lamps

Deltavation first developed a novel, multi-sided linear LED lamp in 2009 for retrofitting conventional AC powered fluorescent fixtures “the Delta series lamp”). Deltavation is positioning its linear T8 LED lamp and G24 lamp designs as the premier formats for the AC powered segment of the commercial lighting market. These lamps provide enhanced light dispersion and superior beam characteristics, and has a protected interior region for mounting driver circuitry, sensors, data communications chips, etc. The Delta lamps outperform all other available linear LED lamps currently in the market.